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Animania Veterinary Hospital has a professional grooming parlour that caters for all size dogs, from small, medium and large to giant breeds with short or long coats. Cats are also welcome and our professional groomer is experienced and enjoys grooming them. A free pedicure is given to all pets brought in for grooming! We recommend regular grooming for your furry baby every 4 to 6 weeks to keep their coats healthy and to build trust between your baby and our groomers ensuring a pleasurable grooming experience. The grooming parlour at Animania Veterinary Hospital offers the following services: standard wash and dry, styling and specific cuts, medicated washes, cat grooming and a few extras. Whether it’s just a standard wash and dry or a specific cut that is needed our experienced groomer will put even the most nervous pet at ease.

Wash and Dry

Our professional groomer normally chats with you before grooming to find out your specific needs. Once we know your needs, the groomer will go through a checklist and informs the veterinarians on duty if there are problems with your pet’s eyes, ears, teeth, skin and anal glands which may need veterinary attention. On completion of the checklist, our groomer will then thoroughly comb your pet’s hair and remove all debris, matting and excess hair. A warm shampoo wash will follow and your pet will be dried soon after using a drying towel at first and completed with a blow drier. The groomer will then clean the eyes, sanitise the ears and clip the nails of your furry baby before completing the grooming with an antibacterial and deodorising spray. When your pet is ready, our friendly receptionist will call you to collect or arrange for delivery, and inform you of the applicable charges.

Styling and Specific Cuts

In addition to the standard wash and dry, our groomer is experienced with styling and specific cuts. We offer machine and scissor styling. For your convenience, the groomer is available to chat with before grooming and will style and cut your pet’s hair to suit the breed. Specific breed cuts include Poodle, Schnauzer and Maltese cuts while general summer cut, lion cut and fluffy legs cut are a few examples of the different styles that our groomer can offer. We also groom according to your specifications and our groomer pays attention to detail and follows instructions.

Cat Grooming

We offer cat grooming at our grooming parlour and our professional groomer is experienced and enjoys grooming them. Some cats may need to be sedated and the duty veterinarian is on site to induce and monitor anaesthesia. Please call in advance for a quotation for all anesthesia and grooming.

Medical Washes

If your pet constantly licks, scratches, digs or rolls on his coat and if the coat is always emitting a foul odour, this could indicate a medical problem with your pet’s coat including bacterial, fungal and parasitic infection of the skin. The veterinarian will usually recommend your pet to be washed with medicated shampoo to clear any disease condition and restore the health of the skin. Our groomers will conduct medicated washes for you with shampoos prescribed by the veterinarian and will ensure that your pet’s skin is restored to health. Contact our veterinarians for all your pet’s skin problems and get a quotation.


We offer a number of extras with the grooming service and for further information, contact our friendly receptionists who can provide you with further details. Extras include anal gland expression, nail clipping only, sensitive skin shampoo wash, collection and delivery service. Contact Animania Veterinary Hospital here for further details on our grooming parlour offerings.

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Call our receptionist in advance for bookings between 7am and 2 pm Tuesday to Friday and 7am to 1pm on Saturday.

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