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"There is a very special bond between you the companion animal owner and your pet. Animania Veterinary Hospital’s experienced staff understand this very special bond and provide veterinary service and information, exclusive pet nutritional products, merchandise and gifting for people mad about their animals. We hope to extend our service to you through this exclusive and convenient channel and provide specialist advice and products that your loved companion deserves."

Dr Chris Marufu

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Chris Marufu is a general veterinary practitioner with 10 years of experience as a veterinarian.

He began his career as a state veterinarian in Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape. During this time, he attained a master and doctoral degree.

In 2012 he moved to Alberton Veterinary Clinic at its inception and was involved with the emergency, critical and after hour care of animals at the practice. He managed the clinic from November 2013 until August 2016.

He purchased Animania Veterinary Hospital from Dr Larry Van Niekerk to become the principal veterinarian. Chris lives to help animals and their owners.

Chris' interests are in small animal medicine, critical care and exotic species medicine.

He lives with this wife Claire and the couple have a daughter Shamiso (3 years), and son Runyararo (6 months). The family is complete with adopted Jack Russel, Milo and Border Collie, Jessie.

Outside work, he spends time jogging to stay fit and loves the outdoors.





Mrs Glenda Davies

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Glenda Davies qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1978, she has a vast experience in companion animals and is passionate about dogs.

She has worked in private practice, the pet food industry, and veterinary drug research, veterinary retail as well doing wild life rehabilitation and raising Guide dog puppies on a voluntary basis.

She is Practice Manager at Animania and does reception as well.

She lives with her husband Mike, they have a son Scott (24) and daughter Leanne (21) and 2 dogs


Frans Molepo

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Frans Molepo is from Pietersburg he is married with three sons, Bruce (10), Martin (13) and Kenneth (26).

He also has three dogs. They all live with his wife in Pietersburg.

Frans started off his career as a carpenter and then trained as a Veterinary assistant and now has 16 years of Veterinary hospital experience.



Yamkela Qenge

Yamkela is from the Port St Johns, Eastern Cape. He graduated in 2014 at Onderstepoort as a Veterinary nurse.

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He doesn’t only get along with animals, but also with people as well. He is very enthusiastic and passionate about animals and has a strong bond with them.

Reading is his special hobby.





 Precious Gqokoma

Precious was born and raised in Cape Town, she and her family now have a home at the Vaal.

She has 1 child and 1 grandchild who she visits at the Vaal on weekends.                              

Precious started grooming in 1989, it is the only job she has ever done. She is a mature, gentle and kind lady who cares for her animals that she grooms.

Precious has a very helpful attitude towards her clients and will follow instructions.

She brings 28 years of grooming experience to Animania! She does not have a preference for any particular breed and enjoys grooming large and small dogs as well as cats. She is able to do specific cuts and styles to suit the breed.

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